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What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? It is a very important part of the way the Internet works today. To most people, the Internet seems to just work all by itself, but many website owners have come to learn that is not the case at all.

A web hosting service is a type of service provided by thousands of companies that allows individuals and organizations to make their own websites accessible on the World Wide Web, by way of computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a computer system called a server they own or lease for use by their clients, and which are maintained in entire buildings called datacenters. These datacenters are climate controlled, as well quality and security controlled.

Web hosting gives you access to the servers, via the Internet. With that access, you can upload your website to the server. Once it is configured properly, computers around the world will quickly know exactly where to find your website.

We provide shared and reseller hosting services to our clients. For most clients who are just starting out, our popular shared hosting plans are just the right choice. Shared hosting means you are sharing a server with many other clients' websites, but you are still getting the quality and reliability for the cheapest cost.

This ends this tutorial. We have touched briefly on the subject of what web hosting is.

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